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NoctovaCool Mattress Protector

Our NoctovaCool mattress protector safeguards against dust mites and allergens, has a breathable waterproof barrier and is machine washable. We have also incorporated some incredible new technology into our mattress protector fabric. Our most innovative mattress protector option has HeiQ ADAPTIVE-treated fabric, which transports moisture and heat away from your body. You will enjoy a more restful night's sleep knowing your mattress will be free of dust mites, allergens and even bed bugs when using our mattress protectors. Sleep tight!


If sleep is elusive and you can’t seem to solve the puzzle of a good night's sleep, maybe the piece you are missing is the right pillow. The Noctova Sleep pillows contain gel-infused memory foam, breathable mesh borders, and gel cooling agents. No matter what your most natural sleep position is, our pillows will keep your head and neck supported for a comfortable night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed!